CONSTITUTION AND BY LAWS





Section 1   NAME


The name of this organization shall be the Carroll County Republican Party.  It shall also be known as CCRP.  The name of the Carroll County Republican Party or CCRP shall not be used to endorse a Republican candidate in a contested Republican primary. The name of the Carroll County Republican Party or CCRP shall not be used to endorse a Democrat or non-Republican in an election in which a Republican is a candidate. This shall pertain to all federal, state, county, or municipal and Carroll County Republican Party elections. Public opinions disseminated under the name of the Carroll County Republican Party shall reveal their origin or be signed. 


Section 2 – PURPOSE


The purposes of the CCRP include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. To promote the ideals and principles of the Republican Party.
  2. To aid in the election of Republican nominees for public office.
  3. To promote alliances among various county and political districts.
  4.  Recruiting Republican candidates to run for office.
  5. Recruiting membership in the Republican Party at all levels.
  6. Promoting public awareness of the Republican positions on public issues, interacting with leaders and members of the party at all levels on issues and fostering good citizenship in general.
  7. Increasing the effectiveness of our members in the cause of good government through active political participation.
  8. Raising funds for republican election campaigns and for promoting Republican ideals.


Section 3 – The affairs of the CCRP shall be governed by the Carroll County Republican Committee in accordance with the by laws of the Tennessee Republican Party and by these Constitution and By Laws contained herein of the CCRP.  This organization shall have a general membership and a delegate membership.




The general membership of the CCRP shall be composed of all eligible voters of Carroll County Tennessee who desire to support the objectives of the Republican Party and who are a bona fide Republicans. The term “bona fide” republican for use in this document is defined as a citizen who has voted in at least two (2) of the four (4), most recent state and/or Republican primary elections, or a citizen of Carroll County who is actively involved in the CCRP or State Republican Party and who upon challenge will affirm or who signs public written affirmation of allegiance to the Republican party.




Section 1 - Members of the CC Republican delegate committee shall be citizens with general membership in the CCRP who have paid a fifteen dollar ($15.00) per person or twenty five dollar ($25.00) per married couple membership fee.




Section 1 – The Carroll County Republican Executive Committee officers shall consist of Chairman, Vice Chairman (opposite sex), Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity and Communications specialist, immediate Past Chairman, all State Executive Committee members representing the county, Chairs of any auxiliary Republican organizations in the county, and the legal counsel for the county if one is appointed by the Chair.  However the legal counsel shall not have a vote in the executive committee but shall have all other rights afforded to the executive committee members.  The officers of the Carroll County Ex-Committee shall be the Ex-Board.


 The CCRP Executive Committee officers shall constitute the officers for the CCRP and shall be responsible for the day to day operations of the CCRP. At meetings of the CCRP Executive Committee 50% of the voting members present shall constitute a quorum.


Section 2 – Neither the CCRP, the County Executive Committee as a body, nor the County Chair, shall endorse any Republican candidate in a contested primary election for local, state, or national elections.


Section 3 – Officers of the County Executive Committee are expected to attend every meeting.  Three consecutive absences without a valid reason are grounds for removal from the County Executive Committee.


Section 4 – A CCRP Executive Committee officer must be both a “Dues Paying” member of the CCRP and a bona fide registered republican general member of the CCRP.


Section 5 – Additional members may be elected by the Executive Committee as needed but these additional officers shall not have a vote on the Executive Committee. 


Section 6 – CCRP Executive Committee officers listed in Article IV Section 1 shall serve a term of two years or until their replacement is elected.


Section 7 – Any member of the County Executive Committee can be removed by a simple majority vote of those present at a meeting for failing to meet the requirements in the sections of Article IV Section 3 of this constitution.







Section 1 – Legal Council as described in Article 4 Section 1.


Section 2 – The chairperson may also appoint; Precinct Chairpersons, Parliamentarian, Sergeant-at-Arms, Chaplain, Directors, and other officers as needed with the approval of the Executive board.  These officers serve at the pleasure of the Chairperson and shall have no vote on the Executive board.




Section 1 – The Chairperson of the CCRP shall preside at all meetings, appoint all committees subject to the approval of the CCRP Executive committee and perform such duties as ordinarily pertain to the office.  The Chairperson has a vote at all Executive board meetings but only votes in case of a tie at all other meeting excluding secret ballots or paper ballot elections.  If a paper ballot election is called for the Chair may vote by paper ballot.


Section 2 – The Vice Chairperson of the CCRP shall preside in the absence of the Chairperson and shall be vested with all the power of the office when so presiding.


Section 3 – The Secretary shall keep a true record of the proceedings of all meetings and record the attendance and business transacted and perform any other duty which may be assigned by the Chairperson.  The Secretary shall send timely notices of all meetings and elections to the members.


Section 4 – The Treasurer shall, upon election, take all necessary steps for the establishment of a Bank account.  The Treasurer shall also receive all monies and deposit same in a bank or banks to the credit of the county Committee.  All bills and checks shall carry the signature of the designated person for such by the Executive Committee. The Treasure shall file all financial reports as required by law and give reports at county Committee meetings.  Bill for payment of over $200.00 must be approved by the Ex-Board.


Section 5 – Publicity and Communications officer shall be responsible for the development and management of communications, addresses, and mailing list.  They shall with the consent of the Executive Board communicate with the public and members all issues and involvements of the CCRP in every communication technology available.


Section 6 – The Parliamentarian, when appointed by the Chairperson, shall advise the Chairperson and officers, committees and members on matters of parliamentarian procedure.


Section 7 – A Sergeant-At- Arms, if appointed by the Chairperson, shall maintain order at the direction of the Chairperson.


Section 8 – Precinct Chairpersons shall be responsible for organizing their precincts and providing addresses and electronic media contact information to the CCRP executive committee.  The precincts shall be aligned consistent with the Election Commission’s office of the precincts of the County.


Section 9 – Directors and other officers when appointed serve to perform specific functions mandated by the executive board.  They serve as honorary members of the Executive board from the time of their appointment and until the project is completed but shall not have a vote on the Executive board.




Section 1 – The CCRP shall meet to reorganize between January 1st and March 31st of odd numbered years.


Section 2 – The CCRP executive committee shall determine if the reorganization meeting will be by Mass Convention or Delegate Convention as prescribed in the State Republican Party Constitution and By Laws.  This determination will be made by or before Jan 1st of the odd year for reorganization convention.


Section 3 – If the reorganization is by delegate convention the rules governing thereof shall be made constant with the State GOP Constitution and By Laws for delegate convention.  Any exceptions to these rules will be requested to the Tennessee Republican Executive Committee not less than 30 days prior to the reorganization convention.


Section 4 – If the reorganization convention is by Mass Convention the rules of the State GOP constitution for Mass Conventions apply.  The Executive board of the CCRP in conjunction with the election and credentials committee or the CCRP will determine if the general membership rules in Article II of this CCRP Constitution and By Laws for determining eligibility for voting may apply, or whether only the delegate committee or the CCRP will vote at the Mass Convention. If the CCRP executive board determines that voting will be by delegate committee only then any exceptions to the number of delegates by precinct (as contained in the Tennessee Republican Constitution and By Laws) shall be requested to the State Republican Party not later than 30 days prior to the reorganization convention.




Section 1 – Reorganization meeting and election of officers.

The election of officers shall be at the Reorganization meetings in odd years and shall be governed by the rules of the State Republican Constitution and By-laws and the Constitution and By-Laws of the CCRP contained herein.


Section 2 –Proxy voting

There shall be no voting by Proxy within the CCRP or its meetings.



Section 3 – Majority vote

A majority of those present is required for election to any office.  A run off will be held between the two highest vote getters in the case of three or more candidates running for the same office.


Section 4 –Election and Credentials Committee

An Election and Credentials Committee shall be appointed by the Chairperson as required in the State Republican Party By-Laws to supervise the procedures for the elections at the Reorganization meeting. The Chairperson of the election Committee shall assume the floor and preside over all contested elections and announce the results.  All contested elections shall be by paper ballot.


Section 5 – All uncontested elections may be by voice vote or by acclamation.


Section 6 – The terms of the elected officers shall be two years, or until the election of their replacement.  All elected officers shall assume office immediately upon election.  All appointed officers shall serve at the pleasure of the Chairman.


Section 7 – Vacancies

Vacancies occurring in elected offices between elections shall be filled by Majority vote of the Executive Committee.  In the case of the Chairperson vacancy, the Vice Chairperson shall assume the duties until proper meeting and election of a new chairperson by the Executive Committee.


Section 8 – Terms of office.

The chairperson of the CCRP shall serve no more than two consecutive terms. This term limit only applies to the Chairperson.




Section 1 – Regular meetings shall be held no less than every three months at a place, date, and time set by the executive committee.  In case of emergency,  the Chair may reschedule a regular meeting, or call special meetings as necessary.


Section 2 – Order of business


The order of business for all regular meetings shall at a minimum include:

1)    Invocation

2)    Pledge of Allegiance

3)    Roll call of officers present.

4)    Reading and approval of the minutes of the previous meetings and any intervening special meetings.

5)    Treasures report and approval.

6)    Reports of officers, standing committees,  and special committees.

7)    Old and or unfinished business

8)    New business

9)    Reading of letters, communications and bills.

10) Announcements and introductions.





Section 1 – All resolutions must be submitted, in writing, to the chair. 


Section 2 – Resolutions will be approved for reading at one meeting and voted on for final passage by majority vote (fifty percent plus one) at the next meeting.  However, emergency resolutions at any time may be brought before the body at any meeting by consent of two-thirds (2/3) majority of those present, and may be approved for final passage of those present by majority vote (50% plus one).


Sections 2 – Resolutions will become effective upon final passage.




Section 1 – Finance and Audit Committee and Certification of the CCRP Delegate committee list.


The Chairperson shall appoint an Audit Committee of not less than three persons each January, or at the first meeting of the year.  This committee shall be charged with auditing the books and financial records of the CCRP for the previous year.  The Treasurer will turn over all financial records to this committee.  They, in turn will verify all receipts and disbursements, and shall give a report thereof at the February meeting, or the second meeting of the New Year.  This committee will also verify the payment of dues as defined in Article III and Section 1 of this document for the certification of delegates to the CCRP delegate committee list.  This committee will also update and certify the new delegate committee for the New Year to the executive board.


Section 2 - Credentials and Election Committee.


The Chairperson shall appoint a “Credentials and Election Committee” as required by the State Republican Party Constitution and By Laws for the odd year reorganization meeting and election.  This committee will be appointed no later than the last meeting of the year in even years. This committee will be responsible for the certification of delegates and proper order of election for the reorganization meeting.




All challenges to a citizen’s right to vote shall be governed by the Tennessee Republican Party Constitution and By-Laws and the Constitution and By-Laws of the CCRP.  All contests of results of the CCRP reorganization meeting shall be governed by the rules of the Tennessee Republican Party Constitution and By-laws and the Constitution and By-Laws of the CCRP.







This Constitution and By Laws may be amended/substituted by a two thirds (2/3) vote of the members present at a quarterly or monthly meeting.  Before any amendment takes effect, a copy must be sent to the Tennessee State Republican Party to be filed.




Roberts Rules of Order shall govern all proceedings.




This Constitution and By Laws of the Carroll County Republican Party was adopted at a meeting of the Carroll County Republican Party on the 23rd day of April, 2013.  All further amendments to be effective will be so dated.



*Written by the Constitution and By-Laws Committee of the CCRP March 2013 and presented to the CCRP at regular Monthly meeting March 2013, with final passage scheduled at the April 2013 meeting.  Daniel Williams Chairperson of this committee and members: Robert Taylor, Barbara Harding, Peggy Hamlet, Lila Korbel.


Additional Amendments and dates approved: